The Jane Lew Public Service District was created in 1958.  The Water Plant was built in  1959.

The first billing for the Water was sent out in November 1960 to 218 customers.  The minimum bill for 2000 gallons of water was $5.50. This rate was in effect until 1973 when the rate was changed to $6.50 for 2000 gallons of water.  Mary C. Davisson was elected Secretary-Treasurer, September 12, 1958. James Gum was hired as the first Plant Manager on October 1, 1960.  The Dam was constructed in 1960 and was relocated in 1969 when the new route 7 was  being built. The first Board Meeting was held in the new office  on June 21, 1961 and the Board  Members were D.B. Musser, Chairman, John G. Funk, J. Carson White, Harry McWhorter and Rudolph Kafer.  The Water line was extended from Lost Creek-Mt. Clare, currently known as Greater Harrison PSD, to Jane Lew by change order, to insure enough water for the Industrial Park in 1976.  The water line was extended to South Park in November, 1979 and to Jesse Run and Sycamore Lick in 2006.  In June 2010, Jane Lew quit producing water and began purchasing all of their water from West Virginia American Water.


The Sewer loan closing was on December 19, 1979 and construction started in January of 1980. The Sewer Plant system was completed September 12, 1981, and became operational.

Stephen E. Gee was hired as Wastewater Plant Operator and Manager on September 12, 1981. 

The first billing for sewer was sent out on November 1, 1981. The minimum bill for 2000 gallons  was $7.20, and was increased to $8.10 in May of 1991.



Currently (2014) Jane Lew PSD has 635 Water Customers and 626 Sewer Customers.  The current rate for 2000 gallons of water is $24.40 and $27.36 for sewer.  There are 3 full time Water/Wastewater employees, Robert “Boone” Brown (Field Supervisor), Matt Neely and Jason Foster.   1 Office Manager, Vickie Perrine, and a General Manager, Nancy E. Gee.  The PSD currently has 3 Board Members, Elaine Flaxer, Thomas Bailey and Oscar Mills.